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Permanent Exposition

From Oktober/November 2020 The Studio artists will have the chance to create and collaborate on a permanent exposition of 30 artworks, that will be displayed in two main areas of ESADE's Sant Cugat campus.



The Studio organizes an exposition in order to showcase the art created throughout the semester by all our artists. The 2018 edition included: drawings, paintings, photographs, 3D models, short films, oil on wood and workbooks.

Workshops & Collaborations

Throughout the semester our goal is to offer different workshops or other creative activities not only for our members but for all ESADE students. We are also trying to collaborate with our associations to add even more value to or events! Follow our Instagram to  see some impression of our activities so far and to stay up to date on what is to come!





The Studio is in contact with ESADE Ex-Alumni’s Art and Creativity club (where former ESADE students currently working in the art, entertainment and creative industries gather in order to discuss present trends). We are invited to participate in the events they create to broaden our knowledge on the business side of art.


Campus Party


During this ESADE event The Studio sets up a stand following a chosen topic with the Student Council and contributes to the party with games and activities. This year we will contribute to an online event due to the extraordinary Covid-19 circumstances.



The Studio Wear


Finally, selected works of our members are chosen and used on T-shirts which are then sold to the public.


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