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What is the studio? 

There is no universal definition for art; some believe it is a revolution, a lie that makes us realize the truth, a protest against our extinction or simply beauty. As passionate artists, we aim to explore our beliefs and opinions through curiosity, creativity and companionship. We organize artistic events, creative meet-ups, hands on workshops and expositions of our artwork. We want to foster art in the ESADE community, and we would like you to be a part of it!

What do we do?

We join ESADE students who are motivated about art and its creation. We are open to all art forms, ranging from film to painting, writing to photography. 


We are looking forward to creating expositions to showcase our art and bring the ESADE community together through such events. 


Teambuilding activities are also at the core of our society as they potentiate meeting likeminded artists while broadening your world view.


Finally, we are also proud of linking the art and business worlds through the collaboration with ESADE Alumni’s Artistic Club. Here we will be invited to attend a series of talks, tours and speeches from professionals of the industry, to get an exclusive insight and valuable opportunities.

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